The thrilling adventure.


theres literally like 2 stories for getting into the rt fandom either you are one of those people who were there since rvb or you fucking saw the impossible game rage quit and spiraled from there

there is no in between



I’m going to be making a RoosterTeeth vid to 'You're Not Alone' by Owl City, and I’d like to include some really short ‘thank you’s’ or ‘you’ve helped me’ comments to put into it from the RoosterTeeth community (just reblog with a comment or reply to the post or send me an ask)

I don’t know how many I can fit into it, but please, try and help me get as many as I can!

i just listened to ‘you’re not alone' by owl city and all of my motivation to edit came back in one big swoop

it needs to be a roosterteeth vid cos i’ve seen SO many people say how roosterteeth have helped them not feel alone anymore

and i watch lets plays when i’m alone to keep me happy and im just

i can’t wait to start editing to it

An Open Letter to Achievement Hunter


To Anybody From AH Who May See This:

This letter, signed by all who reblog, is written in appreciation for all that you do. We as fans may never completely understand everything that happens when you go to work everyday, but we do understand that your jobs involve so much more than just playing video games.

We really want to thank you for last night/ yesterday (Oct. 8) because you put in well over 12 hours just so you could maintain a regular release schedule while some of you are working on “Lazer Team”. Just by what was shared on Twitter, you guys looked absolutely exhausted from a full day of filming, and we know that it must be difficult to film and commentate for 12+ hours straight.

This is just a thank you for putting in the time and effort that it takes to produce the content that you do. This is also a reminder that 99% of us are not going to be upset if something comes out late because y’all are busy. You guys need to sleep and eat and spend time with your families/significant others. Take care of yourselves before catering to us.

With much love and appreciation,

The Tumblr AH Community

My desk!


Ohhhhh no oh my god I have to leave




omg please watch this

The AH crew teamed up to bombard Ryan on The Patch #66

This plan was hatched in HUNT #43

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