"This is the first time any American-made anime has been marketed to Japan"

I’m so proud of Rooster Teeth I could cry.



Achievement hunters gta heists


Achievement hunters gta heists



RAY AND DAN HUGGING. give me strength.

i wish i had a boyfriend who hugged me like that


ah yes, perfectly reasonable


dan gruchy being famous is like my favourite thing cause you know he did not intend it and gavin was probably just like oh will you help me with this thing I need it to get my visa it doesn’t have to get big at all and now he’s really well known and has to go to RTX and stuff. and I’m sure he loves it and all but it’s just like the man tripped accidentally into being famous.


Gavin Free, everybody.

"Michael, I’m jealous."


Geoff being a sweet angel and winning.
HUNT #39

what would u say is ur all time favorite mavin moment?


first of all how dare you only let me pick one

and secondly it honestly changes???? overtime???? like mavin is a pairing that keeps on giving whenever my heart is set on a moment they suddenly tOP THEMSELVES and do something even more ridiculous like ?????? pleasE cease and desist for the sake of my beating heart

right now i think i can narrow them down to three moments

  • image
  • this has been my favorite moment for a rEALLY long time because it was just unexpectedly quiet and so cute. also it was a stupid pun like what else do you want
  • image
  • I scrEAMED when I first listened to this moment bc gavin is literally the most ignorant human being in the entire universe he’s completely unwilling to do remotely troublesome things and the fact that michael changes him into a better human being and that michael is an exCEPTION feeds my soul
  • image
  • my only wish is to make this entire video my eulogy because they’re so iN SYNC WITH EACH OTHER and they are so comfortable???? joking about mavin????? like this video is cold hard proof that they’re taking the whole shipping thing as seriously as we do (which is not at all and only in good fun) and it just makes me sO HAPP Y

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